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Trauma-Informed Consulting & Coaching

Building teams from the foundation up, based on integrity and relationship

Transformational Consulting & Coaching brings movement into organizations and businesses that are experiencing a break between management and teams or within a team. Kaira Pechtl brings her expertise in Transparent Communication and her therapy skills around collective trauma to discover the innate intelligence that can be found in a broken system and transformed into team cohesion.



She does this by looking for the underlying principles that create cohesion within the organization, and thus, building safety and trust.  With safety and trust the team can learn how to deal more effectively with disruptions in the field.  This builds longer lasting relationship that can host any kind of difficulty.



The difficult client lives in me, not out there.  It is our own difficulties in relating to a certain behavior or set of conditions.  When we learn more about the defense mechanism, which is really an intelligent function, we can grow and with curiosity we can turn this into a strength and resilience . 

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