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If not now...when?

"The natural tendency of humanity is to push away from what makes us feel uncomfortable."

Certified Somatic, Hakomi Therapist

& Authentic Relating Coach

The journey is not about the is about being fully alive in the unfolding!


  • holds compassionate presence

  • brings deep, attentive listening

  • embodies the gentle healer 

  • takes you deeply into heart

  • is endowed with wisdom

  • holds space for the inner journey

She creates safety for the wounds to be seen, held and transformed.  

One of the bravest decisions you will ever make is to embrace what is hurting​ your heart and soul!


When we create a world based on specific core beliefs, and reinforce those beliefs for years or decades, it is most unlikely we have any awareness we hold them, let alone change them.  This is because they are habitual, unconscious, embodied, unquestioned, seemingly-true, constantly-reinforced, assuming it is just the way it is, etc.  

These beliefs create how we see, behave and interact in the world and in our relationships until we take that first step towards Transformational Healing.


Testimony of

"When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person that walked in.  That's what the storm is all about."
-Haruki Murakami

Image by Mona Eendra

....I witnessed the amazing transformation and incredible emotional and spiritual progress that Kaira ignited in my friend.  I was then diagnosed with colon cancer.  I am so blessed that Kaira was available and dedicated to going on this journey with me.  She holds a sheer brilliance and incredible ability to help me understand what was happening deep inside.  She enabled me to notice complicated feelings that I had embodied and the emotions trapped within my subconscious.  She helped me to see my past and current traumas, to name them, and to effectively address and treat my issues.  She is so gifted and her approach....

- Jessica W,  Pediatrician
Phoenix, AZ 

Transform Your Journey

Thank you for taking the first step!

I look forward to supporting you and co-creating a full, expansive life!

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