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"There are two kinds of suffering....
the suffering we run from because we are unwilling to face the truth of life and the suffering that comes when we're willing to stop running from the sorrows and difficulties of the world.  The second kind of suffering will lead you to freedom."

                                                                                      -Ajahn Chah

What is a somatic, psychotherapy session....

it is a body-centered psychotherapy that is based in focused awareness.  This modality utilizes body sensations, feelings and emotions to explore the inner landscape of past experiences and traumatic events. The process is a curious exploration, in which the therapist brings loving presence, witnessing and a capacity for the other to be seen and heard. 


The combination of mindfulness and presence, from the therapist creates space for unconscious material to surface allowing for integration of the past into the person’s nervous system.  This creates new neural pathways in the brain.   The new information allows the client to repair and heal, allowing new opportunities for growth and expansion. 

Who am I?

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