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Image by Naveen Kumar

Kaira Pechtl, LAc

Certified Somatic, Hakomi Therapist

& Authentic Relationship  Coach

"The unconscious wound is like a fire consuming whatever is in its path, until one has the courage to turn and face the flames."

My Journey

...began in my late 20's, early one day on the beach in California... in one swift, life-shattering, life-affirming moment. The person I thought I was, collided with the person I was to become.  That day I awoke to a deeper truth as the foundation of my reality began to dissolve. I was shaken up, confused, alone. I was unable to trust the constructs of my mind, myself.  I had no idea who I really was. And what laid before me was entirely unknown.  I had no idea that my life was about to completely unravel. Like the caterpillar....well, you know where this goes.  


The moments of awakening initiated a deeply challenging period in my life, and I knew something deep and brilliant was stirring within me. I knew life was greater than the pain, and that somehow, I was about to embark on a profound, life-changing journey. With no guide or teacher to show me the way, I turned within for answers to the question: Who am I?



...was laying in a field of my dysfunctional and destructive patterns.  I began unraveling and embracing the wounded, shadow parts of myself—the areas I kept hidden from the unique, exquisitely special being I truly was. I realized the source of my suffering was a by-product of not accepting all of who I was colluding with the false belief structure I had created to protect myself. 

So, with dedication and determination, I began a path of self-discovery and found the pathway to healing my brokeness. The path was a myriad of sweat, tears, and grace. In the process, I found myself at the temple door of my own heart. Peace, love, contentment, creativity, and expansion started to emerge, like a sunflower reaching for the sun. After years of weeding through layers of ideas, beliefs, and societal conditioning, I learned the truth of who I was. Eventually, I came to clarity and stillness, albeit muddled by occasional haze (LOL). I strive to live life fervently with love, harmonious communication, passion, and JOY!!! 


It is from this place of clear understanding that I am able to guide and support others in healing their relationship with self by unraveling their story of pain and suffering, allowing the true beauty of self-knowing and acceptance to shine through. I know from my own experiences that this is accessible to everyone. It is your birthright to be happy and free. 



The Answer

I am here to walk you through the fire of transformation.


My Joy

I feel so blessed to be here in this time of creation!


I have raised two amazing, grown young men who fill my life with love and admiration. I spend most of my time playing in the mountains of Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole, WY.  My soul is most nourished when I am running the trails or paddle boarding down the river, or simply watching the sunset dance on Aspen leaves.  I am deeply connected to mother earth, nature, and humanity.  

Education, Trainings and Certifications


  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology--Arizona State University (1996)

  • Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine--SBCOM (2001)

  • Acupuncture--Licensed by the state of CA; Diplomat with NCCAOM (2002)

  • Robert Masters--Professional Training, Somatic Psychotherapy (2017)

  • Feeding Your Demons™ Certification-- Lama Tsultrim Allione; Tara Mandala (2018)

  • Acupuncturist Without Borders--non-profit organization working in trauma relief for communities who have experienced disaster; certified member; assistant teacher; field work in Nepal (2010)

  • Timeless Wisdom Training--Mysticism, Psychotherapy and Healing Collective Trauma; Thomas Huebl and Inner Science Acadamey  (2018-2020)

  • Certified Practice Group Leader Training (Transparent Communication)--Inner Science Acadamey  (2021)

  • Certified Somatic, Hakomi™ Therapist-- (2019-2021)

  • Certified Collective Trauma Facilitator--Thomas Huebl and Inner Science Acadamy (2023)

  • Certified and Ordained Interfaith Minister (2023)

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